Daniel Johnson, M.D.

Dr. Daniel Johnson is a medical oncologist at Ochsner MD Anderson Cancer Center. He specializes in treating patients with melanoma with specific research interests in strategies to overcome immunotherapy resistance and prevent immunotherapy related toxicities. He has multiple peer-reviewed articles and presentations at national meetings pertaining to the management and underlying mechanisms of immune toxicity. Dr. Johnson is a clinical investigator focusing on designing and implementing clinical trials intended to optimize the safety and efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors.

CAGLA 2023 Bill Signing Ceremony

CAGLA 2023 Bill Signing Ceremony

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana — Last week our CAGLA Team attended a bill signing ceremony with Governor Jon Bel Edwards in Baton Rouge at the State Capitol. The three CAGLA bills signed at this ceremony by Governor Edwards were 1) HB 435 – CAR-T Bill by Rep. Aimee Freeman,...

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