Nelly Antoine Aoun, MD

Dr. Nelly Antoine Aoun exemplifies dedication and mastery in the realm of medicine. Holding a Doctorate of Medicine from the esteemed Faculty of Medical Sciences at the Lebanese University in Beirut, her journey since 1995 has been marked by tireless endeavors to bring innovation and compassion to healthcare.

Between 2012 and 2016, at The Mississippi Cancer Institute, Dr. Aoun served as the Medical Director of Hematology-Oncology Services. Her role saw the establishment of partnerships with various tertiary care centers, unlocking advanced cancer treatment opportunities for the local community. Under her leadership, the institute laid the foundation of a Tumor Board in collaboration with a tertiary care center. Beyond administrative duties, Dr. Aoun remained true to her educational roots, actively participating in the clinical training of budding medical students. Her visionary thinking led to the successful creation and execution of a healthcare practice catering to a vast area of 200,000 residents. Her commitment to ethics and quality saw her serve as the director of laboratory services and as vice chairman of the Ethics Group Committee.

Her journey led her to West Jefferson Cancer Center in Marrero, LA, where from 2016 to 2022, she founded and led the pioneering High-risk Breast Clinic. This initiative emphasized the importance of proactive healthcare, offering patients assessments, genetic screenings, and multiple options to preemptively tackle their risks of developing breast cancer. As a Senior Physician, she continuously strived for excellence, collaborating with a spectrum of healthcare professionals to provide unmatched patient care. Her proactive approach and commitment to quality saw her serve as the EPIC Beacon physician champion, overseeing the development of an oncology electronic medical record in EPIC. Beyond her clinic duties, Dr. Aoun’s contributions extended to in-depth research, patient rights advocacy, and the continuous drive to create an ethical environment for all healthcare professionals.

Most recently, in 2022, Dr. Aoun elevated her expertise to the St. Tammany Cancer Clinic, a distinguished division of Ochsner Health Clinic. Here, she deepened her focus on Hematology-Oncology, actively participating in multi-dimensional approaches to breast and GU cancer treatment and spearheading collaborations in the genetic arena.

A trailblazer in clinical workflow improvement, medical procedures, and quality control, Dr. Aoun’s illustrious career stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to healthcare innovation, patient well-being, and medical ethics.

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