Sidd Padmanabha, M.D.

Dr. Sidd Padmanabha has a strong commitment to giving his patient’s the best possible outcomes. He has brought many advances to his medical practice including: MR-assisted planning for head and neck, gynecologic, and prostate cancer treatment; adaptive radiation – the use of re-planning to decrease dose to normal tissues; SpaceOAR; and sparing of normal organs including the cochlea, hippocampus, urethra, and heart. He advances cancer care and helps bring his patients advance treatments by enrolling patients on clinical trials, particularly for prostate and bladder cancer.

Dr. Padmanabha attended the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), attended the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) for his M.D. He trained at Yale-New Haven Center, serving as Chief Resident. He sought addition training in prostate seed implants and prostate and gynecologic brachytherapy. He is board-certified in Radiation Oncology.

His goal is that patients and their families leave his office more calm and confident with a thorough and clear understanding of their diagnosis. He is a believer in shared decision-making, that his patients will make the right decisions for themselves and their families, armed with the right information. Cancer is hard enough: he strives to answer all patient and family’s phone-calls on the same day.

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