Erin Pierce, N.P.

Erin Pierce graduated from Louisiana State University in December 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She received a Master of Science in Nursing from the University of South Alabama in December 2015. Erin is a nurse practitioner specializing in genitourinary cancers for Ochsner Health and is the manager of Ochsner Health’s Precision Cancer Therapies Program (PCTP), the only cancer Phase 1 research program between Houston and Birmingham. She currently serves as a sub-investigator for over 100 clinical trials and is the first and only advanced practice provider serving as a primary investigator on an early phase cancer clinical trial in the state of Louisiana. Erin is a leader in the nurse practitioner profession, being one of very few advanced practice providers in the world, to serve as principal investigator in early-phase prospective cancer treatment trials. Over the years, she has developed a very specialized practice based on providing the world’s newest and most innovative cancer therapies to the sickest cancer patients in Louisiana, including those who have tried and failed all known therapies for their cancers. Prior to joining the team as a nurse practitioner, Erin worked as a registered nurse for Ochsner’s chemotherapy infusion.

After both of her parents successfully battled cancer, Erin was inspired to become an oncology nurse practitioner and has devoted her career to fighting cancer and sparked her interest in clinical cancer research/drug development. As an innovative leader, she has lead development of a Phase I research program with regional referral system, started a clinical trial tumor board, assisted in the 2020 development of an intratumoral therapy program, and helped to successfully coordinate no-cost precision medicine testing in over 3,000 cancer patients (genomic sequencing), which allows for more-effective, less-toxic therapies. She actively publishes and has authored multiple publications. She has presented both poster and podium presentations at national meetings. She has helped to raise nearly $3 million dollars for Ochsner’s Precision Cancer Therapies Program and $15,000 for the American Cancer Society. She was Ochsner Health System’s 2017 recipient of the Advanced Practice Provider of the year award. She was the 2020 Ochsner Nursing Excellence Advanced Practice Provider of the Year and the 2022 American Academy of Nurse Practitioner State Excellence Award winner for the state of Louisiana. Finally, she was recognized for her contributions toward advancing the eradication of cancer as an honoree at the 2020-2021 American Cancer Society Honoree Ball.

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