CAGLA adds 13 new members to their Scientific Advisory Board

Jul 12, 2023 | In the Media, Press Release, Scientific Advisory Board

CAGLA’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is comprised of some of the top healthcare providers from across Louisiana. Our SAB members provide strategic guidance and direction for our CAGLA state legislative initiatives and for our annual NeauxCancer Oncology Conference.

CAGLA recently announced that they added 13 new members to their Scientific Advisory Board:

    1. Dr. Philip Boudreaux — LSU Health Sciences
    2. Dr. Troy Bourgeois — Movement Science Center
    3. Dr. Tara Castellano — LSU Health Sciences
    4. Dr. Jordan Dozier — Ochsner
    5. Dr. Laura Finn — Ochsner
    6. Dr. Mary Maluccio — LSU Health Sciences
    7. Dr. Genevieve Maronge — Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center
    8. Dr. Neil Ninan — Touro Infirmary
    9. Dr. Catherine Oliver — Ochsner
    10. Dr. Sidd Padmanabha — East Jefferson General Hospital
    11. Dr. Sotirios Stathakis — Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center
    12. Dr. Jaquelyn Turner — Tulane Medical Center
    13. Dr. Tong Yang — Ochsner

The Cancer Advocacy Group of Louisiana, Inc. (CAGLA) is a vibrant grassroots force championing improved cancer care. United by a shared purpose, our dynamic assembly of community leaders, dedicated physicians, and resilient survivors is more than just a non-profit. We are a catalyst for systemic change, using our influence to drive progress in healthcare policy and practice.

We bridge gaps within the healthcare community, connecting innovative minds and compassionate hearts, empowering patients, and fostering a collaborative environment for shared victories. As advocates, we echo the voices that demand to be heard and work towards a future free from this disease. With every piece of legislation we influence, we move a step closer to our goal.

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